Seven years in the USA – Happy 2012!

January 6th, 2012

Today seven years ago, the little family Joubert put foot on shore on the West Coast… not of Africa, not from the small ships ‘Berg China’ and ‘Voorschoten’, and the year was not 1688… It was on the West Coast of America, California, 5 people with 2 bags each, a violin, guitar, clarinet and teddy bear…and with the same hope, passion, and enthusiasm as our Huguenot forefathers in the 1600s at the Cape of Good Hope. If I knew then what I know now, would I do it again? Quoting Carl Sagan: ‘What I’m asking is, are we happier…is this world fundamentally a better place?’ I’ll spend the next 48hrs contemplating just that. In the meantime 2012 is beckoning with a wide grin and waiting just around the corner! I may have to revisit Carl Sagan and conclude ‘Small moves, Ellie, small moves…’

In the past seven years we danced on the mountaintops – but also trembled in the valley of death. We had soft rain on our faces, and also blizzards and hurricanes on our back. The gentle winds lifted our kites and we set our sails for new horizons – while wild storms tied us down and threatened to sink our ship. We survived! I guess we experienced the entire spectrum of life. We grew and flourished, holding on to our values, each other and the biggest of all, that is Hope. Home will always be where the heart is. And our hearts will always be tied to our roots. The dance of life is included in the fight for survival of the fittest. Our challenges indeed become our joys, and with faith, hope and love, we will not go quietly into the night. May the treasures of 2012 be reachable and the harvest fill our barns once more. And may we look out for each other and the small blue dot we inhabit.

Peace and Joy to all! Happy New Year!