The victory of the unseen

March 22nd, 2015

And then the news came from Science: Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge winners have been announced! First I got a phone call… THE CALL. Delightful news! (though I was sworn to secrecy… no sharing, telling, tweeting, rejoicing or celebrating before the press release in the new year….) And so we waited. Science Writer Mark Peplow contacted me for detailed information, more congratulations, and support with the writing of the skills applied and science behind my Illustration entry – and then a delightful Sherlock Holmes hunt to find the sculptor of the Hand used as background for my Illustration of microbial victory. Science had a beautiful story in their press release – and the rest of the world followed… What a thrill!! National Geographic Today, Wired, Popular Science, Science News, Daily Mail, in LumiByte, my own Stanford Medial School, Stanford Daily (the best of), Stanford Scope (blog) and Stanford Medical Facebook Page… and recently their Alumni page under ‘Buzz Worthy’. NIH director featured it in his Director’s blog, and BBC contacted me for use in their upcoming series ‘Human Universe’. Further media coverage continues, highlighting biofilms in context as recently in Live Science (NSF).