Treading Water -3.

March 29th, 2020

3 . Make an inventory of unavoidable expenses. Be honest about activities like individual music lessons and sports coaching.You may have to drop an activity. Shop on eBay if you need a new instrument or tool. Clothes can be passed down to siblings, especially expensive suits, tuxedos, outfits not often worn. You may also ask for friends who had kids in a choir, sports team, etc for second-hand formal clothing.

Making lists can be a lifesaver. It helps you focus, and clears your mind from spiraling thoughts that drag you down. Once expenses, concerns, activities and needs are listed, it is easier to navigate your way ahead. Instead of having a jungle of vague thoughts all butting heads in your mind, items on a list can be thought through, discussed, digested, marked off, put aside.

It is amazing how few new clothes one can need if you do not have money to buy any. Use your basic wardrobe, in the US you can shop at Goodwill, or even visit garage sales to find unwanted, often brand new clothes. Unavoidable expenses include life and car insurance, telephone, electricity and gas for you vehicles. This does not mean you cannot limit these expenses. Use less gas for your car by driving less, car-pooling, cycling or walking. Telephone, gas and electricity can be limited, and often companies give an extra discount for a decrease in your bill.