Treading Water -4.

April 2nd, 2020

4. Do not live with broken stuff! If the tap leaks, fix it! That torn pillow case: mend it! Clogged drains, creaking doors… Often a small job can give huge sense of accomplishment and control.

One of the first signs of regression is a gradual indication of ‘decay’. Carpet cleaning can no longer be outsourced to a local company – but cleaning equipment can be rented at your local grocery store on a daily basis. The dirty car can be washed by your family over the weekend, since the local ‘brushless car was’ is now a luxury, and not a necessity. The annual window cleaning in the complex we live, I did myself. Removing window screens and washing them outside was an easy job. Let the entire family help, you can teach your children to earn pocket money this way, and though the money will still be coming from your  own pocket, it teaches your kids valuable life lessons – and they can even start their own ‘cleaning service’ during school breaks, and offer help to neighbors or aging people.

I took out my sewing machine, replaced the lost electric cable, and was ready to mend clothes and bed linens myself. You can even start doing small projects with your sewing machine, or make gifts for friends. Let your tight condition lead to innovation, that will inspire you and others.  Necessity is the mother of invention…